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Jose Mourinho Backs Gareth Bale After Breaking 'Psychological Barrier'

Jose Mourinho Backs Gareth Bale After Breaking 'Psychological Barrier'

Gareth Bale has made it six goals in six games in all competitions as he turns a corner in his latest Spurs run. Tottenham were comfortable 4-1 winners over Crystal Palace at at the weekend, with Bale netting a brace.

The Welshman is on loan from Real Madrid for the season. A mixture of injuries and lack of playing time had factored into his slow start returning to London. Bale only started one Premier League game in his first four months with the club.

After scoring twice in his last two Premier League starts, Bale is climbing up the pecking order. Manager Jose Mourinho wasn't mincing his words when praising the 31-year-old after the game.

"I'm very happy, he is a fantastic player and I'm so happy to work with a player like him," Mourinho said. "Nobody challenged him, We just supported him."

Regarding his adaptation period, Mourinho believed it was more psychological than physical. Or more so - the physical set backs led to the psychological woes.


I found psychological scars. When you have a couple of seasons with lots of injuries I think it is not about the muscular scars but the psychological scars - that brings fears and instability.

Mourinho added:

There is a moment when you are working very well and everyone around you is giving everything we can give, there is a moment where that psychological barrier has to be broken. And he broke it. It was him, not us.

Whether Bale will stay with Tottenham next season is unknown. His current contract with Real Madrid is set to run out in 2022. Mourinho has said that the decision lies in Bale's hands, but if he continues his goal scoring spell, there will no doubt be plenty of suitors.

Bale was positive after the game too. "I wouldn't have come if I didn't think I could contribute," he said. On his current run, he added, "It's taken time but that's the reality of football and my body. I feel good now, hopefully I can keep this form going."

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