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Week Three Of Our 'Last Goalscorer Standing' Competition

Week Three Of Our 'Last Goalscorer Standing' Competition

Congratulations on making it to Week Three of our 'Last Goalscorer Standing' competition.

With our friends at Carry Out, we've tweaked the Last Man Standing format to be more player-based than team-based. Rather than choosing a team to win each week, you choose a player to score.

Like the original Last Man Standing format, you can only choose a player ONCE. However, you're more than welcome to use his teammate should you advance to the next week. For example:

  • Week One - Mo Salah
  • Week Two - Sadio Mane
  • Week Three - Trent Alexander-Arnold

You get the message, we trust you.


Of course, like the original game, if they don't score, you're OUT.

Only people who named a goalscorer from Week Two will be entered into the competition for Week Three.

Enter your details below and we'll let you know if you get through to Week Four!

Sean Meehan

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