Quiz: Can You Name These 11 TV Sports Presenters

Quiz: Can You Name These 11 TV Sports Presenters

If absence makes the heart grow fonder then the love for sport is frankly getting out of hand as we now approach a month without live games gracing our screens.

While we all miss the games, in times of need you discover what is truly important to you. And we don't just miss sport, we miss sports' television. And yes, we miss the men and women who present our sporting coverage, and ask those tough questions, hand us over the commentary teams, and make sure we get out on time to take a break before the game starts.

In that spirit, we're bringing these fine people back front and centre this Sunday afternoon, and testing your knowledge of sports presenters from Ireland and the UK from the past and the present.

There are 11 in total. Some are easy. Some may trick a few.

Let us know how you get on our social media channels and best of luck.


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Michael McCarthy

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