Classic Clip: George Hook Ingeniously Takes The Piss Out Of Brian O'Driscoll Back In 2004

It was the 2004 Six Nations. Ireland had just beaten Scotland at Lansdowne Road to claim their first Triple Crown since 1985.

Grasping vividly coloured bottles of Powerade, the centre partnership which would serve Ireland for years to come was interviewed post-game by Michael Lyster. An amused Brian O'Driscoll barely managed to hold back the laughter every time Gordon D'Arcy took a sip while at the same time himself alternating slugs of blue and yellow liquids. The little skit was likely a response to George Hook having a go at O'Driscoll for drinking from a branded container in an interview following the previous week's victory against Italy.


Cut back to studio and what happened next must go down as one of the great moments in Hook's rugby broadcasting career. The RTÉ analyst quenched his thirst with a swiftly manufactured bottle of 'Hook's Hooch'. Such was Tom McGurk and Brent Pope's amusement, they were forced to take an ad break.

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PJ Browne
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