84kg George Ford Gets Smashed After Making Stupid Decision To Tackle 125kg Nathan Hughes

For all of his talents, it appears that George Ford is an alum of the Ronan O'Gara school of tackling.

The 84kg Bath outhalf is one of the brightest prospects in the game, and is able to unlock the tightest of defences with his exceptional vision and distribution. But his tackling could use some work. In Saturday's Champions Cup clash with Wasps, 84kg Ford made the foolhardy decision to try to tackle 125kg Nathan Hughes:


What's worse is that the gigantic behemoth Nathan Hughes had time and space to build up momentum, while you can clearly see that Ford is planted on his heels and is in no position to make any sort of tackle.

This sort of mismatch is why you don't see NFL quarterbacks make any tackles after an interception. Giving up seven inches and 40kgs is a lot, and Ford might have been wiser to politely open the door for Hughes to avoid injury.

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