WATCH: "That Is One Of The Most Ridiculous Decisions You'll Ever See"

WATCH: "That Is One Of The Most Ridiculous Decisions You'll Ever See"

Max Boyce used to sing a little ditty about blind Irish referees. He was inspired by Dublin ref John West's decision to award a try to David Duckham against Wales at Twickers in 1974. The try, incidentally, handed the Five Nations championship to Ireland. Because it arrived unaccompanied by either a Triple Crown or a Grand Slam, it gets no respect on Reeling in the Years. John West, by the way, has no regrets about the decision.

Max may have to change the nationality of the referee. Scottish whistler Lloyd Linton left the entire crowd in Cardiff bemused tonight when he sin-binned (effectively sending off) Scarlets flanker Aaron Shingler tonight.

Shingler was involved in a race for the ball on halfway when he was tackled off the ball by the Cardiff fly half Steve Shingler - his brother.

The referee, presumably that he'd tackled the man in front of him off the ball flashed a yellow card in Shingler's face. He looked wonderfully and genuinely mystified.


According to Davies in the commentary box, Stephen Jones was apoplectic on the line. Scarlets held on to win 26-15.

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