An Even More Enjoyable Account Of Brian O'Driscoll Knocking Lumps Out Of Austin Healey

An Even More Enjoyable Account Of Brian O'Driscoll Knocking Lumps Out Of Austin Healey

It's one of those stories that, no matter how many times you hear it, it never seems to get any less enjoyable. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that any story which paints Austin Healey in a light as bad as this one could be nothing other than enjoyable.

You can listen to the audio, among many other things on our daily sports podcast The Racket:

It's been doing the rounds for a while but Keith Wood thoughtfully brought it back to the fore on the Off The Ball roadshow in Limerick last night. The story goes that while Ronan O'Gara was feeling a bit delicate after his infamous encounter with Duncan McCrae, Austin Healey was being Austin Healey. O'Gara wasn't bitting but Brian O'Driscoll certainly was and he preceded to knock seven shades of shite out of the England international.

O'Driscoll himself told the story on the Clare Balding show last year (which you can see below) but that certainly wasn't the first time it had left the confines of the 2001 Lions camp. Healey's teammate Will Greenwood has given the England angle on what happened that day, complete with ceremonial throwing in of the towel to end the Leicester Lip's embarrassment.


He is one of the pastiest people I have ever seen. White does not do him justice. He is more of a pale blue. He used to look like a geography teacher when he was wearing his glasses.

However, on the 2001 Lions tour, Austin Healey put on boxing gloves and started sparring with O'Driscoll. Brian found this annoying and clipped him four times. Austin never saw them coming and we had to throw napkins in to stop the fight.

There is however, a neutral account of the that incident. Just in case there was any possibility that Keith Wood was going overboard with his recollection of the event, we'll just leave it up to Wales centre Mark Taylor who told BBC Radio all about back in 2010.

That's the version we'd like to remember but here's O'Driscoll's slightly more modest account from last year.

Gary Reilly

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