Another Reason Why Ireland Really Need To Beat France In This World Cup

Another Reason Why Ireland Really Need To Beat France In This World Cup

Had you booked a room in Cardiff for the night of the 17 October 2014, chances are it would have set you back £85 (€117).

If you choose to do likewise this year, it will cost in the region of £1018 (€1404). The number crunchers at the Trivago have established that it represents an increase of 1095% on last year's prices. We understand that this significantly exceeds the rate of inflation.

Should Ireland lose to France in the final pool game, then the likelihood is they will finish runner-up in the group (unless Italy surprise us) and will face New Zealand in the quarter final the Saturday night in Cardiff.

Should they beat France, they will likely face a tamer opponent in the quarter-final in Cardiff.

Trivago report that the average price on the Sunday night is just £630 ($867). Only moderate extortionate and in the circumstances, there isn't much more one can ask for.


It is still well in excess of the somewhat more competitively priced London, where hotels can be procured at an average rate of £179.

Therefore, it would greatly aid their supporters finances if Ireland could beat France on the 11th of October.

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