O'Driscoll And O'Connell Both Hugely Critical Of France HIA Farce

O'Driscoll And O'Connell Both Hugely Critical Of France HIA Farce

Only if his brain is in his knee should Antoine Dupont have left the Stade De France pitch on an HIA said Brian Moore on commentary for the BBC during Ireland's miracle late win against France on Saturday evening. It was a comment with which Johnny Sexton would have undoubtedly agreed.

In the 76th minute, replacement scrum-half Dupont hit the deck and stayed down. Nigel Owens halted play to allow the 21-year-old receive medical treatment. Owens initially signaled that it was for an HIA. Though, as the moments passed, he appeared more sceptical regarding the nature of the injury.

"I have an official match doctor who is telling me it is a HIA. I am no medic and I am going to go with the official match doctor. That is the way we are going to carry on with the game," Owens told Johnny Sexton moments after repeatedly questioning one of his assistants about Dupont's injury.

If it had been a knee injury, seasoned scrum-half Maxime Machenaud would not have been allowed return to the game. However, the 10 minute HIA assessment period meant he could return.

Speaking on the BBC after the game, Paul O'Connell said it was a disappointing scene to witness.

In the directives given to the ref, there was a lot of talk about the values of the game, about players protesting with referees. It's just disappointing to see two players going off with knee injuries under a HIA.

On Twitter, Brian O'Driscoll called it a disgrace.



O'Connell and Sexton were not the only players to be critical of a farcical situation.

Earlier in the game, debutant Matthieu Jalibert also left the game for a HIA assessment. Though, he also appeared to have suffered a knee injury.

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