Bath Criticised Over 'Opportunistic' Claims Following Toulon Clash Postponement

Bath Criticised Over 'Opportunistic' Claims Following Toulon Clash Postponement

Bath's owner, Bruce Craig, is not one to always look for the most diplomatic option. Craig has quickly become the enfant terrible of the Aviva Premiership and his forthright views have seen him at odds with many of the other teams particularly in relation to the salary cap.

Critics of his latest views however, are rather more wide reaching. Speaking to the Telegraph today, Craig has suggested that Bath's clash with Toulon, which was called off following the Paris terrorist attacks, will never be played. Craig has been critical of the English rugby calendar and he has stated that this situation is such that it means the game simply can't go ahead.

It is very clear to me that the Toulon match can’t happen. The midweek option is not an option to my mind as that would to the detriment of player welfare as well as the integrity of two competitions, an important Champions Cup game being squeezed in with all the attendant travel issues between two Premiership weekends.

Craig did go on to say that 'in the wider context of what has happened in Paris, this is not a serious matter'. However there has been a significant backlash to Craig's comments particularly in relation to what Mike Ford has had to say on the matter.

Bath's head coach was asked what should be done about the game and he was very clear that there was only one option as far as the English side were concerned.

What else can we do? I definitely think we should share the points.

To share the points in a game that Bath would have almost certainly lost does seem as if they are benefiting from the situation. That may or may not be the intention but it would seem wrong that anyone should benefit. Craig's problem of fixture congestion is a fair complaint but as a one off, it would hardly be unthinkable to play three games in a week. As many have pointed out, quite a few teams had to deal with that at the World Cup.


The suggestion that the points would be shared have not gone down well with fans.

Gary Reilly

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