Brian Moore Tried To Get France v Ireland Viewers Very Drunk Yesterday

Brian Moore Tried To Get France v Ireland Viewers Very Drunk Yesterday

Always good value in the commentary stakes, Brian Moore has demonstrated once more that he certainly has a solid sense of humour too.

Irish viewers of the Six Nations will be forgiven for generally missing out on Moore's take given his stationing with the BBC. Yet, for the occasional viewer who sought out alternative sources than TV3 for watching yesterday's match, they may have noticed the odd occasional comment from the former England hooker.

Having become aware of a popular Six Nations drinking game, Moore appeared determined to influence the amounts of alcohol being consumed any way he feasibly could.

With so many of the potential avenues for drinking emerging from what will be said from the commentary box, Moore almost seemed to have the list in front of him.

While some were more obvious and inevitable than others, Moore did manage to get one of the 'Down Your Drink!' utterances out in a manner that was wonderful; no matter how contrived.


Describing the newly introduced laws regarding players talking back to the referee, Moore drew allusions that wouldn't necessarily be first port of call for such a seasoned commentator:

So Slimani's comments to Wayne Barnes (would no longer be acceptable) - perhaps they were discussing Donald Trump's version of 'Covfefe' and whatever that meant, I don't know.

It didn't go unnoticed needless to say.

Some believed this conspiracy went as far as yesterday's match referee, Welshman Nigel Owens.

Although others didn't quite pick up on the joke.

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Arthur James O'Dea

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