Brian O'Driscoll Details Why He Changed His Tune On Ireland's Call

Brian O'Driscoll Details Why He Changed His Tune On Ireland's Call

Brian O'Driscoll is set to dip his toe into documentary film making, with the former Ireland centre hitting our screens on BT Sport 2 on the 12th of October in a programme called Shoulder to Shoulder, where O'Driscoll will narrate how rugby brought unity between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

O'Driscoll appeared on Off The Ball to promote the show, and gave an insight into his relationship with dual-anthem Ireland's Call, and how he was forced to change his attitude towards the song:

I warmed to it.

I was talking with my mum on camera I remember when I was captain I used to sing Amhran Na bhFiann and then Ireland's Call would come on and I was like 'pffft, Amhran Na bhFiann is really my anthem', so I didn't sing it for a few times and my mum picked up on it.

She said to me after a couple of games, 'I think as Ireland captain there's a responsibility on you to sing Ireland's Call whether you agree with it or not', and it's true. Mum's know best and she was right. I did have a responsibility, just because I didn't personally feel as though it was my anthem, I thought it was my duty to try and be part of something that incorporates everyone.

O'Driscoll did proffer another reason as to why the anthem isn't as popular as it perhaps should be:


I think it's more difficult to sing with the same gusto as Amhran Na bhFiann. From a musical perspective the timing and speed depending on where you are of how the band plays Ireland's Call, nearly always the singing is ahead of the music.

The timing is very rare.

Shoulder to Shoulder will air on BT Sport 2 at 10pm after Leinster's match with Wasps in the Champions Cup.

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