Can't Get Laid? Jerry Flannery Has Some Advice

Can't Get Laid? Jerry Flannery Has Some Advice

Jerry Flannery Picture credit: Pat Murphy / SPORTSFILE

Earlier in the week Jerry Flannery's father spoke on Newstalk about the problem of prostitutes congregating outside his son's pub on Catherine Street in Limerick.

Jerry Flannery is quoted in the Limerick Leader today offering some advice to men to avail of these ladies' services.

I also appreciate that there are some very horny men out there but if they just worked on their social skills, maybe washed more regularly and bought some new clothes then they may not have to pay for sex.

Who knows if these lads went out for a few pints, maybe even to Jerry Flannery’s pub, and were polite and respectful they may even meet a nice lady and develop a meaningful and loving relationship

So in summary:

Turn up to Jerry's pub looking like this





or this and you won't get any action.


But turn up looking like this and it could be the walk of pride/shame for you the next morning.



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