Potential Champions Cup Postponements Leave Six Nations In Doubt

Potential Champions Cup Postponements Leave Six Nations In Doubt

The French Government have called a halt to some international sport, meaning the next two rounds of the Champions Cup are likely to postponed.

The fixtures had been fixed to take place over the next two weekends, but the deteriorating covid-19 situation across the continent means the games are unlikely to go ahead. The French authorities have already recommended that their teams do not play against any British opposition.

In a statement, the French sports ministry said:

The French Government is moving, in the short term, towards the adoption of measures to restrict or even prohibit the participation of French team sports clubs in (rugby) matches including teams from the United Kingdom.

While this will likely throw the Champions Cup schedule into disarray, it could also have a huge effect on the Six Nations.

The competition is due to get underway on February 6th, but if this ban is extended, it is difficult to see how it could go ahead as planned. The first fixture between France and a British side is due to take place on February 28th.


A number of countries, including Ireland and France, have closed their borders to travel from the UK due to the new coronavirus strain that has been identified in the country.

While rugby looks to have already been affected, it is possible that other sports could go the same way in the coming weeks.

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