Australia Head Coach Cheika Slams Fiji For 'Going Behind His Back'

Australia Head Coach Cheika Slams Fiji For 'Going Behind His Back'

Australia head coach Michael Cheika has criticised the Fiji management team for referring a tackle by Reece Hodge to the citing commissioner following Saturday's game between the two sides.

Australia's Hodge escaped punishment during the match for a 25th minute tackle which forced Fijian back row Peceli Yato to leave the action following a HIA.

Hodge now faces a disciplinary hearing, the result of which could see the winger miss the remainder of the World Cup.

Cheika felt that the conduct of Fiji head coach John McKee, in talking to him and his staff after the game but not mentioning that they may refer the tackle to the citing commissioner, disregarded the spirit of the sport.

"Probably the most disappointing thing was the Fijians," said Cheika at a press conference on Monday.


"After the game we had a lot of friendly discussion between myself and the coach, he talked to our other coaches and there was no mention of anything.

"Then, to get a referral from them and the way it was referred, that was really disappointing. I don’t find the way that they brought that [referral] in the spirit of the game at all, which is something you know from Fiji. That would have been a little disappointing from a spirit of rugby point of view.

"I’d prefer that they come up to me and get upset with me if they’re really upset about it, not to just talk to me in that nice, friendly chitty-chat way and then go behind your back and put in a referral. I don’t think I’ve ever referred anyone over my time."

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