Comedian Joe Schmidt Regales Fans With Irish Squad's Airport Drinking Antics

Comedian Joe Schmidt Regales Fans With Irish Squad's Airport Drinking Antics

We didn't know Joe Schmidt was a man for the one-liners but it would seem he has the sharpest tongue of anyone in the Irish set-up, going by his guest speech at Terenure College over the weekend.

The Grand Slam winning coach spoke at the club's derby against St Marys on Saturday, regaling the crowd with stories about the Irish team's celebrations on Paddy's weekend. Their flight home was delayed by bad weather, which inevitably led to a few sociables in Heathrow Airport.

He begins the story:

We got delayed four times because of the Son of the Beast. I'm not talking about Billy Vunipola, I'm talking about the weather. We couldn't take off and we couldn't land but apart from that they said the flight would be pretty safe.

So they were meant to board the plane at 10am and everyone was very 'sedate' waiting to get on the plane, until the news broke that they would be delayed by 45 minutes.


We got to about half ten, when saw the first pints starting to be shared. We thought 'That's OK, that's OK. We'll get out of here in 15 minutes, I'll only have time for seven.' Flight delayed another 45 bleedin' minutes ... cocktails. I know, times have changed, haven't they? Cocktails.


He also pokes great fun at defence coach, and Englishman, Andy Farrell, 'He was very happy to have turned the tables - not just last year but then this year as well. So he's unbeaten against England, and he's never won for Ireland against England either.'

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