Watch: Eddie Jones Explains Why He Makes Outlandish Comments Before Games

Watch: Eddie Jones Explains Why He Makes Outlandish Comments Before Games

It's easy to hate Eddie Jones. The England coach plays up to his role as the pantomime villain of European rugby, seemingly enjoying getting a rise out of opposition supporters and the media.

His comments in the buildup to the game against France were the perfect example. Jones said he wanted his England team to be the best in the history of the sport and to teach the French a lesson on the physicality of test rugby.

Of course, it was also an example of how these things can backfire.

Much has been said about Jones' comments this week, with some battering the Aussie for his decision to put such pressure on his own players right before a big game. However, this is what he does best.

The former Japan coach enjoys the game of cat and mouse with the media, and he can often use his press conferences as a motivational tool for his own players. He will be the first to admit it doesn't always work.

Speaking to the BBC ahead of this evening's game against Scotland, Jones was reluctant to discuss this part of his persona. After much probing from Sonja McLaughlan he did eventually offer a rare glimpse into what he is like behind the personality he often portrays in public.


It's easy not to say anything. But I think you've got a responsibility to create the theatre of the game, to paint a picture of how you want your players to play and sometimes to paint a picture to the opposition.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

It is rare for Jones to drop his guard in this manner and you can see how he was hesitant to do so.

Despite the fact that he is not all that popular, it is certainly safe to say the game would not quite be the same without characters such as him.

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