Eddie Jones Slams Welsh Captain's Conduct Ahead Of Twickenham Clash

Eddie Jones Slams Welsh Captain's Conduct Ahead Of Twickenham Clash

Eddie Jones, ever the figure of moral rectitude, has lodged an official complaint with World Rugby relating to the behaviour of Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones during last Saturday's almighty battering of Scotland.

The England coach has found fault with Jones for standing in front of Finn Russell to prevent the Scotland fly-half from converting Peter Horne's late try as it was under TMO review. Jones exchanged words with referee Pascal Gauzere and Russell before retreating.

Having already thrown oil on the floor with his actions, Jones' comments on the matter threw a match on it, claiming that the Wales captain had failed to respect the integrity of the game. Jones went on to say it was a "contrived bit of behaviour", apparently doing so with a straight face.

I thought that was right out of order. When he tried to stop the referee from allowing the kick at goal - we can't have that in the game.

That's borrowed from another sport and I really hope World Rugby don't allow that to creep into the game because it shouldn't be part of the game.

All we say is just to be respectful. At times players lose their cool, but that was a contrived bit of behaviour.

It's not great for the game and I've said something to World Rugby about it, I feel that strongly.

We've got to respect the integrity of the referee in the game because we've got one of the most difficult games to referee.

And Jones made sure to adjust focus for this weekend's clash between England and Wales at Twickenham, which will be refereed by Jerome Garces.

Garces it's a very experienced referee. He's got plenty of big match experience, he knows how to handle interesting moments in games.

He won't let Alun Wyn Jones intimidate him. Garces won't tolerate that sort of stuff. He won't let Alun Wyn Jones referee the game.


This, from the man whose captain is Dylan Hartley.

Jones has openly talked of the influence Jose Mourinho has had on him in the past, and these kind of media shenanigans are straight from the Mourinho playbook.


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