GIF: We Need To Talk About Ian Madigan's Sensational Bit Of Skill Last Night

GIF: We Need To Talk About Ian Madigan's Sensational Bit Of Skill Last Night

It's always fun when the Barbarians come to town. They tend to bring out the best aspects of sport, playing it in the right spirit and usually entertaining those in attendance with attractive rugby with less pressure on the players to win.

Oftentimes, it brings the best out of the opposition too, who decide to throw caution to the wind and enter into the entertaining spirit.

It rarely takes more than that for one Ian Madigan who is partial to some entertainment over conservatism. Late in the game yesterday, Ireland were trailing the Baa-baas by three points following Paddy Jackson's 78th minute try. Madigan declined to take the supposedly mandatory* 90 seconds that all kickers seem to take, in favour of giving Ireland a chance for another score that would give them the game.

Instead of wasting time waiting for the tee to come on, Madigan decided a dropkick conversion from way out wide. Something that rarely goes over. But Madigan is no ordinary player:

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The kick wasn't shown live, that's how fast Madigan was with the kick. The swerve on that ball from that angle was mightily impressive.


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Photo Credit Diarmuid Green/Sportsfile

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