Ian Madigan Explained The Very Personal Reason Behind His 1916 Boot Tribute

Ian Madigan Explained The Very Personal Reason Behind His 1916 Boot Tribute

Last month, Ian Madigan kicked 14 of Leinster's 19 points as they beat Ospreys at the RDS.

On that Saturday night - three weeks prior to the Easter Rising centenary celebrations - the out-half's luminous green boots were emblazoned his own tribute to the men and women of 1916.

1916 on one side, the tricolour on the other.

Madigan's reason for the tribute was a personal one. Speaking to the Irish Independent's Ruaidhri O'Connor, the Bordeaux-bound player explained that his great grandfather Dr. John Barrett had performed as a medic 100 years ago.

It was just to signify a big part of our history. A small part of my family were a part of it, my great grandfather was a doctor on the first day of the Rising and was treating people.

It's a massive part of our history and it was just to mark that. It wasn't one-sided and we're in a privileged position as sports people, we're in the public eye and when we saw everything over the Easter weekend, around the centenary and the turn-outs that the events got, we saw how much it means to people.

It was just nice to be in a position to be able to have a small mark of respect for that.


As Madigan himself said on the Instagram post of the boots, the scoreline of that game against Ospreys fittingly read 19-16.

A fitting first outing for these boots winning 19-16. Remembering those who died in the Easter Rising ??

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