The Irish Rugby Team Are Drinking An Obscene Amount Of Coffee In Japan

The Irish Rugby Team Are Drinking An Obscene Amount Of Coffee In Japan

We all love a cup of coffee, but rugby players seem to be obsessed with the stuff. To be fair, they have to fill their downtime in some way and going for a coffee is an easy and reasonably healthy way to do so.

Over at the World Cup, where the downtime is even more pronounced, we expected the Irish team would be drinking plenty of it. We didn't think it would be this much.

Prop Cian Healy was speaking to RTÉ when he revealed the team had been sent a big shipment of coffee from a Dublin cafe to keep them going.

How big you ask? 50 kilos. Of coffee. 50 kilos!

What's more, they're already making their way through shipment.


Colin from 3fe in Dublin kindly sent over 50 kilos of coffee for us and hooked us up with a machine over here.

I arrived at the hotel and met two local guys who had the machine there for me, so it was just bring it in and set it up and off we go...

He says he'll send out a second shipment if we run out, so I'm rationing it. I've 40-odd kilos left so it is lasting us well.

The team have only been in Japan for just over a week, so to make their way through ten kilos is some going. One thing we know for certain is that energy levels won't be a problem against Scotland.

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Gary Connaughton

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