John Muldoon Highlights A Big Omission From The Proposed Rugby World Cup Stadia

John Muldoon Highlights A Big Omission From The Proposed Rugby World Cup Stadia

The details of Ireland's bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup were unveiled at the Aviva Stadium this afternoon, an event which included the naming of the twelve stadia that will host games, should the bid be successful. Eight of them are GAA grounds, and none of them are in the midlands.

It is likely that not all 12 stadiums will be employed if the bid is successful. Rugby World Cup will select either eight or ten from that twelve nominated by the Irish bid.

Here are the stadia, in handy map form:

There are a couple of notable omissions, one being Semple Stadium in Thurles. An explainer behind its exclusion can be read here. 

Another ground conspicuous by its absence is a rugby ground, the home of the current Pro12 champions: the Sportsgrounds. Connacht captain John Muldoon accentuated it:


At present, the Sportsgrounds does not meet criteria. Rugby World Cup grounds must have a minimum capacity of 15,000, and the Sportsgrounds can currently pack in around 8,100 people. With Pearse Stadium in Salthill meeting the criteria and also not very far away, it was a more straightforward choice.

That said, Muldoon believes the Sportsgrounds could be developed, with Connacht renting Pearse Stadium during the renovations:

And as for the idea that Connacht move to Pearse Stadium permanently...

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