Rugby Fans Had A Similar Reaction To Eddie Jones' Opinion Of Mike Brown's Performance Against Scotland

Rugby Fans Had A Similar Reaction To Eddie Jones' Opinion Of Mike Brown's Performance Against Scotland

You may remember that two weeks ago, England boss Eddie Jones rounded on the BBC for having the temerity for not rating his full-back Mike Brown as world class.

Brown was man of the match against Wales at Twickenham a fortnight ago, and after the game, a tetchy Jones had this exchange with Chris Jones of the BBC.

Eddie Jones: I thought our back three today were super. Mike Brown, you guys all tell me he can't play test rugby.

Chris Jones: He was good today, wasn't he?

EJ: Well, you guys tell me he can't play test rugby and now you're telling me he's good.

CJ: I don't think that's quite fair.

EJ: You guys are unbelievable. Fair dinkum! You guys are unbelievable.

CJ: In what way?

EJ: You're always criticising him and now he has a good game you're all on the bandwagon!

CJ: I don't think you can treat the whole media as one. I think that most people would agree that Mike Brown is a top test player.

EJ: I think we can. I think we can, and I'm sick of it, mate.

CJ: You're on for three Six Nations in a row and your record is pretty outstanding. So, from your point of view, you're two from two.

EJ: You guys are better selectors than we are. That's what you think you are. Now he plays a good game and you're all on the bandwagon.

CJ: OK but I think most people would agree Mike Brown was excellent today.

EJ: He's been excellent for 23 tests for us so I don't know what was different today.

Brown certainly wasn't man of the match during England's shock 25-13 defeat at Murrayfield today, and went MIA on all three of Scotland's three first-half tries. He was particularly poor on the third try, and was only given 15 minutes of the second half to redeem himself. He failed to do so, and was hauled off for Jack Nowell in the 55th minute.

Cue the schadenfreude.





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