'It's Not Good Enough. We Were Completely Bullied' - Stringer And D'Arcy React To Seismic Defeat

'It's Not Good Enough. We Were Completely Bullied' - Stringer And D'Arcy React To Seismic Defeat

19-12 is scoreline that will live on in legend in Japan, and will exist in infamy in Irish rugby. Today, Japan deservedly forced one of the biggest shocks in Rugby World Cup history.

Ireland's defeat is their first to a so-called "Tier 2" nation in the tournament's history and puts them a Japan win against Scotland away from finishing second in the group and facing the All Blacks in the quarter finals.

In the eir Sport studio, Tommy Bowe, Peter Stringer, Gordon D'Arcy and Louise Galvin reacted to an awful day for Irish rugby. While effusive in their praise for Japan and their performance and achievement, there was no escaping that Ireland should not have been in this position.

Stringer in particular wasn't holding back on Ireland's performance. "It's not good enough. We were completely bullied", the former scrum half said, going on to say that Ireland were outplayed in every aspect, didn't win the gain line and were void of ideas.

Tommy Bowe was also unhappy; "Even though Japan had the best game ever, we shouldn't be losing in that. They were very impressive but Ireland really need to be looking at themselves".

D'Arcy, talking about Japan being more prepared for the game than Ireland, also described it as a seismic defeat for Ireland.

This is a pretty seismic for shock for Irish rugby. Losing to Japan in the group stages. We've had mess ups in previous World Cups but to Tier 1 nations. And I don't think we should get lost in that Tier 1/Tier 2, but unfortunately we have to. This is a team that we should, on paper, be beating routinely. We've never lost to them before, and now we do on the biggest show. That is huge!




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