Report: Rival Premiership Clubs Set To Split Money From Record Saracens Fine

Report: Rival Premiership Clubs Set To Split Money From Record Saracens Fine

As the weeks after the news of Saracens' salary cap breach pass by, the ramifications continue to be felt by those affected. Not only were the club hit with a £5.4million fine and 35-point deduction, but the aftermath continues to rumble on as rival clubs seek to find out how this was allowed to happen.

Saracens have dominated English rugby in recent years, winning five Premierships and three Champions Cup during the last decade. If a bending of the rules was a part of this success it does not look good for any parties involved.

With the other teams in the league clearly unhappy at what went on, it appears they will now be given some sort of small compensation.

The Sunday Times are reporting that Premiership Rugby will split the £5.4million fine paid by Saracens between the other 11 clubs in the division. That works out at around £490,000 each.

In theory, this extra cash injection should allow the other teams to close the financial gap between themselves and Saracens, even if only slightly.


The money has already been paid, with one club telling The Sunday Times:

We did not beg or even ask for the money, the process has been decided by Premiership Rugby and we are not going to turn it down.

Saracens remain on the bottom of the table on -7 points, but have won six of their eight games so far this season. You suspect there will be little chance of relegation despite their perilous position at the start of the season.

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Gary Connaughton

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