Coaches Everywhere Should Pay Heed To What The RFU Are Doing

Coaches Everywhere Should Pay Heed To What The RFU Are Doing

In a move that could have a huge impact on the future of rugby across the water in England, the RFU will, from next season on, introduce a pioneering new rule that will totally revolutionise the underage game.

Trialled at coaches discretion this season has been an initiative that sees all children named in a match-day squad, play at least half-a-game, as the Union look to stem the outflow of thousands of kids walking away from the sport.  From next season on, it's a rule that will be brought into regulation for all participants between the ages of six and 18.

After looking at the report in The Telegraph, it was something that Maurice championed in the World in Union podcast this week, as he and Mick discussed the benefits that such an action would have if introduced this side of the Irish Sea.

Maurice: Something like this is literally win-win. It gets rid of this non-sensical kind of cynical attitude that certain people take towards underage rugby and it also has a huge benefit in terms of the sport and kind of developing a culture.

I would love to see the IRFU move in a similar direction and try to implemnt similar. There is no down side to doing something like this.


Tune in from 15.10 to hear all the details and how Maurice thinks such a rule could be used to the country's benefit in more prestigious underage competitions such as the Schools Cup, whilst Mick expresses concern for emerging teams who may not have the depth of talent available to stay competitive if such a rule was introduced.

Already put to use in places such as Wales and New Zealand, could this be the future for Irish underage rugby? Surely anything the Kiwi's get up to is worth having a go at, right?

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Aaron Strain

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