'I Just Felt A Wee Bit Let Down That It Looked Like I Threw Him Under The Bus'

'I Just Felt A Wee Bit Let Down That It Looked Like I Threw Him Under The Bus'

Earlier this month, Rory Best gave an interview in which he cited "too much detail" from Ireland's coaches as being one of the factors in the team's poor performance at the Rugby World Cup.

"I think we started to become - not dictated to - but we just let Joe do everything," said Best.

Speaking following eir Sport's coverage of Leinster's Pro14 win against Ulster on Friday evening, the former Ireland captain expressed annoyance regarding how his words were portrayed.

"What really frustrated me was the actual headlines," said Best.

"When you read what was written in the article, it was more what my feelings were. People want answers about the World Cup.

"You're talking in hindsight and I thought as a player group, and me being the captain of that group, that we could have done more and taken more responsibility - that was my point.

"People put headlines on that were not reflective. Anyone who knows me and my feelings towards Joe and how tight we've been over the last four years, certainly as captain, would know that he's the best coach I've ever worked with - I think he's one of the best coaches in the world.


"I just felt a wee bit let down that it looked like I threw him under the bus. That was never my intention.

"At the time, we did everything that we felt was right. I was just looking back and trying to reflect with a bit of hindsight. I was just a bit annoyed that was the way it was portrayed. People have forgotten what Joe has done."

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