RTE And Ryle Nugent Have Tried To Reassure The Irish Public At This Difficult Time

RTE And Ryle Nugent Have Tried To Reassure The Irish Public At This Difficult Time

Ryle Nugent, a great man whom many are thinking of at the moment, had to release a statement from RTE announcing that TV3 had wrestled the rights for the Six Nations championship from the public broadcaster for the 2018-2021 period.

He wanted everyone to know that he and RTE did everything they could.

This is extremely disappointing news for RTÉ.

We have a long and proud tradition of showcasing the Six Nations and putting our heart and soul into our coverage.

We want to assure the Irish public that every possible effort was made by RTÉ to retain these rights. As a public service broadcaster, RTÉ’s  ambition has always been, and continues to be, to deliver the best possible viewer experience and to share moments of major national importance.

We put forward the best possible bid within our means, while always mindful of the significant responsibilities attached to spending public funds.

We have a phenomenal year ahead in 2016, with the GAA Championships, the Olympic Games and Euro 2016. We also look forward to delivering the Six Nations Championship in 2016 and 2017.

Along with the range of sports we have already secured and are delivering, we will look to other opportunities in Irish and international sports and remain committed to delivering a comprehensive portfolio of sport to the Irish public.

One thinks also of Ross O'Carroll Kelly who hired Ryle as a private commentator for the World Cup.



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