'Enough Is Enough' - Warburton Calls For Six Nations Change

'Enough Is Enough' - Warburton Calls For Six Nations Change

France hammered Italy 50-10 in Rome on the opening day of the Six Nations of Saturday. It was Italy's 28th consecutive defeat in the tournament.

Speaking on BBC, former Wales and Lions captain Sam Warburton called for there to be promotion/relegation playoff game in the Six Nations.

"There's got to be a change," said Warburton.

"It's not just throwing your toys out of the pram off one game. For quite a few years now Italy haven't really been competitive. I personally think there's got to be promotion and relegation in the Six Nations.

"Say if it was last year, Georgia, who won the second tier competition... We can't keep putting a glass ceiling on these teams in Europe because otherwise how do we know what the growth in Europe is going to be like?


"If that's the case, Italy come bottom and Georgia win, in the next international window, Georgia should travel to Italy - so Italy still get home advantage and a chance to stay in the competition - for a playoff game. That would get some pretty good TV viewings, I'm sure. I'd like to see that.

"I think enough is enough. Italy just don't have the strength in depth from a player pool point of view. They're just not good enough to compete at this level right now."

Former England captain Martin Johnson added:

"It was far too easy for France. We're sitting here cringing.

"Even when we've beaten Italy in the past, they've always made it a game. You had to go and beat them, and they were tough defensively. They were physical. They made it very difficult for you. They kept hold of possession and kept it away from you."

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