Watch: Simon Zebo Hits BT Sport Reporter With Ball Aimed For Conor Murray

Watch: Simon Zebo Hits BT Sport Reporter With Ball Aimed For Conor Murray

BT Sport have been gifted free reign of the Aviva Stadium this afternoon for Munster's European Champions Cup clash with Saracens. In turn, reporters and pundits alike strolled the pristine playing surface while the respective players of each side were warming up.

Reporter, Sarra Elgan Easterby, spotted Conor Murray and subsequently nabbed him for a brief interview. During it, he was naturally asked about the injury he sustained and the upcoming European fixture. All fairly routine until a shout can be heard in the background followed by a thud and a surprised look on Murray's face. It immediately becomes clear that the presenter was on the receiving end of a wayward kick.

A smirk stretched across the face of the Munster scrum-half before stating "you know who that was".  While Elgan Easterby brushed it off, she posed the question 'do you reckon he did that on purpose?'.


He did of course. He was probably going for me, sorry.

While it was not blatantly obvious who it was at first as the player in question was off-camera, the reporter made it her duty to expose him by the conclusion of the interview following an apology from Murray for the incident.

Don't worry, I'm going to see him now. Typical Simon Zebo.


It was light-hearted moment which certainly displayed the fact that the Munster players were composed before the crucial match in Dublin.

Later Sarra Elgan Easterby took to Twitter to call out Zebo for his actions. It's nice to see that it was taken in good nature and no reporters were seriously harmed in the filming of the pre-match buildup.

Darren Holland

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