SA Rugby has consistently advised all inquiring media that no such reports have been received by SA Rugby or any player from the only authority permitted to perform such tests, the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport. SA Rugby does not conduct its own tests.

Despite the absence of any such reports, players and management in Argentina have been contacted to “tell their story”, distracting and destabilising the entire camp in the build-up today’s Test against Argentina in Buenos Aires.

SA Rugby wishes to repeat that it has no evidence of any adverse analytical findings for any kind of drug – be it performance enhancing or recreational – by Springbok players and regards the publication or the threat to publish such allegations as a deliberate attempt to sabotage the team’s preparations.

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At this stage, while they are just allegations, however, they could very well have an affect on the players and the camp in the run up to tonight's Rugby Championship game away to Argentina.

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