'I Can't Understand It, Why Aren't They Playing With A Number Eight?'

'I Can't Understand It, Why Aren't They Playing With A Number Eight?'

There's nothing quite like seeing an English rugby team fall flat on their face. When Eddie Jones is their coach, it's even funnier.

Jones had been talking a big game in the buildup to their opening Six Nations game against France, saying he wanted his England side become the best the game has ever seen and that they would show France how real test rugby was played.

Of course, we all know what happened next.

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Speaking on The Buildup podcast this week, Stephen Ferris said he was perplexed by Jones' approach to the match. Not only were his comments confusing in the week before the game, but Ferris felt his decision not to play a number eight should also draw plenty of criticism.


Some of these comments by Eddie Jones, coming out and saying he's going to make them the best team in the world, before a test match against France who are coming out with a point to prove with all their new faces.

I can't understand it, why aren't they playing with a number eight?! It just doesn't make sense.

If anybody in the media says to Eddie Jones 'you need to play [Alex] Dombrandt' or somebody else, he will go and do the exact opposite of what everybody else wants.

Tom Curry has not played number eight in an international jersey, in a club jersey, he has never played number eight. He was thrown straight into mix against France last weekend and I just don't get it at all...

Don't say it in the media and then get beaten, keep it in house. Pump up the lads all you want, but don't come out and say it to the media. That's exactly what he did and he gave the media a bone.

You would think he would be a bit more experienced than that.

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