Stuart Lancaster Discloses Hectic Lifestyle Required To Keep Leinster Ticking

Stuart Lancaster Discloses Hectic Lifestyle Required To Keep Leinster Ticking

As scenes emerged of Eddie Jones being booed whilst attending a match at the Ricoh Arena, Leinster's sustained brilliance must leave some English rugby fans wondering if their condemnation of Stuart Lancaster was a touch premature.

Naturally, the performance - or lack thereof - of Lancaster's charges at the 2015 Rugby World Cup left plenty to be desired; all the more painful given that the tournament was hosted within England itself.

However, a little under 3 years on from New Zealand's defeat of Australia in Twickenham in the World Cup final, and the after effects of that disastrous Autumn look to be well and truly behind Lancaster.

Joining Leinster in 2016, Lancaster has been consistently identified by players and other staff members alike as a driving force behind turning the Irish province into what they are quickly becoming; unstoppable, and in possession of a seemingly limitless wealth of talent.

Speaking to The Times this weekend, Stuart Lancaster will have warmed the hearts of many Leinster fans when he assured; "I'm not sending my CV out."

I'm certainly enjoying it here. It's one of the best teams in Europe and I'm enjoying the coaching. I've never actively gone out and looked for other roles and I'm not doing that now either.


Happy where he is, the former England head coach did divulge details regarding the personal strain that he is under. Still living in England, Lancaster is required to travel between both countries with astounding regularity.

"That commute that I have been doing is tough to do. It's once, twice a week, probably 160 flights a year, there and back to Leeds," Lancaster revealed.

With his wife still living in the family home in Leeds, his daughter commencing University in Newcastle and his son signing an academy contract with Yorkshire Carnegie, Lancaster admittedly finds it difficult to balance a strenuous life/work balance.

As Peter O'Reilly summed up in the article, however; "When you hear Lancaster speak about Leinster, he makes it sound like they were made for each other."

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