Outstanding Robbie Henshaw Returned And Looked Like He Never Left

Outstanding Robbie Henshaw Returned And Looked Like He Never Left

There was something inconceivable about a hurtling Robbie Henshaw torpedoing down the 10-12 channel with the velocity of a runaway train. This is a man reduced to a heap just over ten weeks ago, sucking on oxygen and requiring Ciaran Cosgrave's assistance to cradle his dislocated shoulder. They very same shoulder that he utilised to bulldoze Scott Williams five yards rearwards.

Henshaw is a bits and pieces man. His work ethic leads to an extraordinary ability to roll up the sleeves and embrace the 'dirty work.' Whether it be the selfless first up carries or the committed clear-outs, the 24-year-old's remarkable recovery saw him return today and spearhead a dominant Leinster semi-final masterclass.


For the entirety of the tournament, Leinster have been peerless. There is a steel beneath their style that Henshaw epitomises. So much of this genesis's produce is thanks to the heavy lifting done by several members of their pack and the likes of Henshaw. His relentless carrying pries open doors, his tenacious tackling slams them closed.

The Sexton - Henshaw - Ringrose axis is one of the greatest in rugby currently. On both sides of the ball, that trio is capable of producing game-changing strike plays. In this Aviva Stadium clash, Henshaw epitomised this. Never was it a carry for a carries sake, if he wasn't breaking the gainline he was freeing up his hands to try offload and set an onrushing Ringrose, McFadden or Lamour free.

In the same vein as the Terminator, Henshaw's immediate response when posting about his injury was a forewarning 'I'll be back.' Today he did indeed return, and instantly showed us what we all missed.

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