The French Are Hitting Ian Madigan Early Judging By Today's Laughably Harsh Headline

The French Are Hitting Ian Madigan Early Judging By Today's Laughably Harsh Headline

The French rugby treasure that is Gavin Mortimer's twitter timeline has once again given us something to get all hot under the collar about. We do indignation as well as any other nation in the world so when those 'cheese-eating surrender monkeys' (we put it in quotes so it's okay) decide to take a dig out our out-half heroes you better believe we're going to throw a hissy fit.

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Directly from today's Midi Olympique comes an analysis of Ireland's out-half options ahead of next weekend's crunch Six Nations tie in Paris. Johnny Sexton is more than accustomed to the French rugby press' and their two barrels and now it looks like Ian Madigan may have to get used to it as well.

For those who opted for Spanish or German in secondary school that translates to TWO EGOS For One Position.

According to Mortimer, the article is simply a comparison between the two players ahead of this weekend and with Madigan's move to France next season very much in mind. Midi were particularly critical of Sexton's spell in the Top 14 when his Racing 92 contract came to an end last season.

Back in December, Midi tore shreds out of Sexton following Leinster's 24-9 defeat to Toulon with his supposed refusal to break out his Leinster mentality when in France coming in for particular criticism.


Sexton, the idol of Ireland, who returned home, yesterday played as he often did during his time at Racing 92: transparent, making multiple poor decisions. Visibly, completely out of touch, he symbolises the impotence of his club.

Now it would appear they're turning their attention to Madigan nice and early.

Sexton has recently spoken about the treatment that he was given in the French media and this ego complex that they decided to build up around him. It's fair to say he was having none of it, but it seems he'll have to give his Leinster teammate some tips on how to deal with things ahead of his move to Bordeaux at the end of the season.

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