The French Press Are Really Ripping Into Johnny Sexton This Weather

The French Press Are Really Ripping Into Johnny Sexton This Weather

As Leinster formally bid goodbye to their chances of reaching the knockout phase of the European Cup, L'Equipe were on hand to pass judgement on the vanquished in their usual lacerating fashion.

They know Johnny Sexton particularly well in those parts. It would appear that his two year stint in Racing Metro did not endear him to the natives. Thus, he attracted the most cutting criticism of all.

Sexton, the idol of Ireland, who returned home, yesterday played as he often did during his time at Racing 92: transparent, making multiple poor decisions. Visibly, completely out of touch, he symbolises the impotence of his club.

As in 2013, the Irish side certainly won’t see the knock-out phase of the tournament. In the Celtic League, they are currently fourth, seven points behind Llanelli. The season is in danger of being a long one in Dublin.

It is the second time in three days that the French press have laid into Sexton. Even before the game, Midi Olimpique referred to his time at Racing as a 'fiasco'. More damagingly, they said that he was reluctant to share knowledge with his teammates.


Sexton's alleged reluctance to pass on any info to his French teammates reminds us of that time (joke in which) an Irishman appeared on Mastermind to answer questions on his specialist subject 'The Easter Rising 1916'.

After answering 'PASS' to the questions, 'Who read out the Proclamation from the steps of the GPO?' and 'Who was in command at Boland's Mill on Grand Canal Dock?', a voice from the audience called out 'That's it Paddy, tell them nothin.'

Fair play to Sexton on that account at least.

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