The Lions And South Africa Will Produce Fly-On-The-Wall Documentary Of 2021 Tour

The Lions And South Africa Will Produce Fly-On-The-Wall Documentary Of 2021 Tour

This should be an intriguing watch.

'Fly-on-the-wall' sports documentaries have become hugely popular in recent years. While they have been around for quite some time, the genre has now been taken to the next level.

Amazon's All or Nothing series is perhaps the best example, while The Last Dance also used a large backlog of behind the scenes footage.

The Tottenham edition of All or Nothing is set to be the next big release, with the cameras following what has been a tumultuous season in North London. A report today has also suggested that there is another massive documentary in the works.

The Telegraph are reporting that both The Lions and South Africa have signed up to take part in a fly-on-the-wall documentary that will be filmed during the 2021 tour.

It is hoped that income generated from the documentary will help cover the costs of the tour, which is expected to reach over £18million. This is especially important during a period when the finances in the sport have taken a major hit due to the coronavirus.


The Lions have had some success in this area before, with the video diaries of the 1997 tour proving to be a huge success.

This project will likely follow a similar format to the All Blacks' version of All or Nothing, which focused on their 2017 season.

With South Africa also agreeing to take part, this could be an incredibly interesting watch. It has not yet been confirmed what company will acquire the right for the documentary.

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Gary Connaughton

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