Finally! Some Positive Irish Rugby Injury News

Finally! Some Positive Irish Rugby Injury News

It feels odd to be celebrating the fact that Tommy Bowe will miss at least two months due to knee surgery but at least it isn't the six months that had been mooted earlier this week.

Fears around ligament damage meant that it looked as if Bowe was destined to miss next year's Six Nations but judging by the comments of Ulster head coach, Neil Doak, he may be back in action a lot earlier than that.

Doak told reporters:

Tommy had a second scan this week and it revealed some damage. He will have an operation on Monday. I suppose like all these things once you go in and have a look the full picture will be revealed.

It would seem the injury is related to cartilage damage more than anything.

They are going in to fix something and they will also be looking to see if there is anything else. They definitely know there is a little bit of cartilage damage, but there may be a couple of other bits and pieces that may be found once they have a look around.


By the sounds of it, a bout of exploratory surgery is on the cards.

All going well, Doak expects Bowe to miss at least two months but even it was three he would still be back for the start of the Six Nations.


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