Tommy Bowe Plays In Table Tennis And Answers Some Awkward Questions

Tommy Bowe Plays In Table Tennis And Answers Some Awkward Questions

Here's a general rule of thumb for life - professional rugby players excel at most sporting activities, writers less so.

Last week, we put that theory to the test when we welcomed Monaghan hunk Tommy Bowe and Cadbury Boost ambassador to a mystery location in a warehouse on the northside of Dublin. We've heard a million interviews with rugby players so we figured we'd mess with the format a bit. We had Tommy undertake the ' Table Tennis Challenge' against our resident pale-skinned Cavanman Mark Farrelly in a border counties battle for the ages. The format was pretty simple - if Tommy won a point on the table tennis court, he'd field a question from a pile of easy queries. But if Mark won a point, Tommy would face a potentially uncomfortable question. And the stakes were pretty high - the loser of the game would have to sport our Roy Keane vest of glory (or shame, in Mark's case)


Thanks a million to Tommy for taking the Table Tennis Challenge. Which Irish athlete will risk donning the vest of shame next?

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