Watch: CJ Stander Sidesteps A Sheep

Watch: CJ Stander Sidesteps A Sheep

We'll take any kind of sport we can get these days, even if it involves farm animals.

CJ Stander has provided us with a gift this morning by uploading a video of him trying to avoid the contact of a bucking sheep. It's a South African version of bullfighting and a source of great entertainment.

A few thoughts on this video. CJ's clearly a long way from Annacotty but it's inspiring to see him still finding inspiration in rural life. We're not quite sure how Stander got this sheep involved in this game, but the sheep provides pretty decent opposition and nearly gets the rugby ball from Stander. Stander's agility and sidestep are also pretty impressive.

Finally props (ahem) to Munster front row who went with a sheep pun in the comments to the video: 'Ewe shouldn’t be doing that!!'


Stander has also been doing strength work on  grain sacks. It looks like he'll be raring to go when ever this pandemic lifts.


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