Former World Cup-Winning All Black Accuses Brian O'Driscoll Of Not Being Over 'That' Tackle

Former World Cup-Winning All Black Accuses Brian O'Driscoll Of Not Being Over 'That' Tackle

Ok New Zealand, you've had your fun. But this is getting ridiculous.

Brian O'Driscoll found himself in the middle of a shit-shorm in the Southern Hemisphere after being one of the high profile player to speak out about the lack of action at an apparent eye gouge from New Zealand prop Owen Franks:

There is nothing wrong with what O'Driscoll says here. He's right, it's wrong that this wasn't at least investigated. But what happened next was stupid. O'Driscoll was drawn into a perceived slagging match with New Zealand, and the media down there had a field day with it.

Now, the topic was discussed on the New Zealand rugby show The Breakdown. All Black legend Sir John Kirwan, a former World Cup winner, former Italy boss and former Blues coach was the pundit in studio asked to comment on the O'Driscoll controversy.

And he managed to make it even more ridiculous by unearthing an 11-year-old topic that had long-since been laid to rest. Kirwan suggested that O'Driscoll was still upset by the lack of a ban that Tana Umaga got for 'that' tackle - and that said debacle in New Zealand back in 2005, along with his dropping at the hands of Warren Gatland in 2013, was his reasoning behind complaining about Franks' actions.


I think you’re still upset about what happened when Tana didn’t get weeks. And you don’t like New Zealanders because you went down to Australia and you didn’t actually make that final side.

He’s totally wrong with that. Get over it.

Either Kirwan is exceptionally good at keeping a straight face, or he's being deadly serious.

Give me a break. The only people that need to get over it are the Kiwis who lashed out at O'Driscoll on Twitter.

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