Watch: French Rugby Produces Funniest Red Card You Will Ever See

Watch: French Rugby Produces Funniest Red Card You Will Ever See

We've all been there.

You're in good form. Maybe you've had a few drinks and you start to get a bit excited, so you do a little dance and then lift up the nearest person you can find in a moment of unbridled joy. Normally this scenario would take place somewhere like the dancefloor in Copper Face Jacks around 3am (remember dancefloors!?).

The French Rugby Pro D2 game between Beziers and Nevers gave us a similar moment of joy, only it took place on the pitch and involved a referee being hoisted into the air by one of the players.

Nevers were the away side and they led 30-25 in the dying moments when a referee call went in their favour and Fijian winger Josaia Raisuqe let his emotions get the better of him. A celebratory dance was quickly followed by him hoisting the referee into the air, as though he was practicing a lineout drill.

Referee Laurent Millotte failed to see the funny side and while being egged on by the Beziers players, he brandished a red card to Raisuqe.


A comical end to the game that Nevers won to leave them sixth in the table, two places above Beziers.

They say you should never put your hands on an official. But if you're going to do it, then Josaia Raisuqe showed us how it's done.

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Emmet Bradshaw

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