Watch: O'Gara & Williams Argue Over Expectations Surrounding Ireland Team

Watch: O'Gara & Williams Argue Over Expectations Surrounding Ireland Team

Ireland have won their second game in the 2020 Six Nations, overcoming Wales on a 24-14 scoreline.

It was a fairly convincing win for Andy Farell's side, who were much improved from the contest against Scotland last week. They were far more creative in attack, a problem that been plaguing this team for the past 18 months or so.

There are certainly sterner tests ahead but Ireland have put themselves into an excellent position heading into the rest of the championship.

Speaking on Virgin Media after the game, Matt Williams said that this performance was the minimum standard we should expect from this side. He was met with strong opposition from Ronan O'Gara, who claimed this showing went well beyond the minimum requirement:


Williams: That's the minimum of what we expect from that group of players and coaches. What we saw for the last 12 months was rubbish. That was a really good performance and huge improvement, but that's the minimum. When we see the tries and what the guys did there, that's great but the players own it and the coaches own it. They own the past as well.

O'Gara: I just want to jump in, I disagree with you.

Williams: You can't ROG, you've got to own that performance.

O'Gara: I can certainly tell you that that's not the minimum. That' s a bonus point win at home against Wales. I don't think you've any idea how difficult that is.

Williams: I'll give you the last bonus point, but I mean effort, commitment, and thought. There was a lot more effort in that game than we've seen in the last 12 months.

O'Gara: I wouldn't say that's the minimum standard. I think that's exceptional.

Williams: If you play below that you'll lose, though.

O'Gara: Well who are you going to lose to?

Williams: Well you'll lose to Wales.

O'Gara: They didn't, they smashed them! That's not the minimum though.

Williams: It's got to be. If Hadleigh Parkes scores that try you've got a different game. If they are forced to back off another ten per cent, they lose the game.

O'Gara: They scored a try earlier and Ireland responded within two minutes.

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