We Need To Talk About England's Rugby World Cup Promo Video

We Need To Talk About England's Rugby World Cup Promo Video

They're at it again.

The Rugby World Cup is getting underway tomorrow morning and to say we are excited would be a major understatement. The tournament only come around every four years, and while Ireland may not be in the strong position they were only 12 months ago, it has not dampened our enthusiasm for the weeks ahead.

Of course, there are 19 other nations who are equally excited about the games that lay ahead. Well maybe not all 19, but you get the idea.

England is definitely one of those countries very much looking to the event in Japan. They enter the tournament with plenty of momentum and are rightly considered one of the favourites to win the whole thing.

While it pains us to admit it, there is every chance they could lift their second Webb Ellis Trophy in Yokohama in around six weeks.

That's still no excuse for the abomination of a video they have released ahead of the tournament. With the tournament taking place in the Far East for the first time, the theme is some sort of bastardised Japanese samurai war.

We really can't describe it any better than that, so you're going to have to take a look at it for yourself.


Jesus christ. We don't even know where to begin with this one.

The whole thing looks like an ad for a new series to be exclusively aired on Sky Atlantic, and not a good one.

We have no problem with a nod of some sort to the fact that the tournament is in Japan, but the English have taken that concept and ran with it.  The first half of the video has little, if anything, to do with rugby. It's just a load samurais riding around on horses.

But then, and here's the plot twist, the samurais were actually English rugby players the whole time! Lads. Literally nobody saw it coming.

Owen Farrell, Mauro Itoje and co then go on to don what is presumably supposed to be an Anglicised version of a traditional Japanese war garment.

Then with absolutely no explanation, to completely ruin any remaining sense of fantasy, a load of English rugby supporters emerge from nowhere to support the lads. They then run across a field for some reason.

If you weren't already rooting against England, just imagine the video they would release if they won the bloody thing. Dear god...

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Gary Connaughton

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