We Need To Talk About Those Penalty Run-Ups Last Night...

We Need To Talk About Those Penalty Run-Ups Last Night...

Charlie Redmond used to step back about twelve steps and lick his hands before clipping the ball over the bar. Johnny Wilkinson used to cup his hands together and stick his backside out. But rarely have we seen such distinctive penalty routines as those that were on show last night.

First: We have Owen Farrell. Like many England rugby players, young Farrell is a divisive character in these parts. And by 'divisive', I, of course, mean that everyone is united in their dislike of him.

Farrell's sinister glance at the posts before he puts his foot through the ball provoked much reaction online, most of it of the 'keep that creep away from me' variety.

On second glance, Farrell's look seems more horrified than menacing. He's like a character in a horror movie who finds a dead body and then gazes at his sidekick in shock.


Secondly: More popular is Mr. Biggar, the undisputed hero of Wales this morning. Biggar's boot was in perfect working order, presumably aided by his unique routine. It's resemblance to the dance accompanying the 1994 Los del Rios song 'Macarena' was almost impossible to ignore. The only thing he eschewed was the little shimmy and slide at the end.  


Highlights below:

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