An Odd World Snooker Tradition Has Come To An End This Year

An Odd World Snooker Tradition Has Come To An End This Year

You may be familiar with this writer's pioneering investigative work into the phenomenon of lads wearing Kerry GAA jerseys at the Masters, a trend that sadly jumped the shark this year.

The Crucible in Sheffield has its own small tradition in this vein. For years, the World Championships have featured a fan in the crowd decked out in a Coventry City. Unlike Kerry Jerseys at the Masters, this tradition has been implemented and upheld by a single Coventry fan, Brian Wright. He is a snooker fanatic, and has attended every day of the World Championships for 24 consecutive years - generally wearing a Coventry City jersey every time.

He usually sits to the left of the player seat closest to the players' entrance into the arena. Given that he is usually in the line of the TV cameras, his Coventry jersey has been spotted quite a few times over the years.


His cult status at the Crucible exploded when he proposed to his fiancée during the tournament...replete with Coventry jersey.

This is the 24th-straight year Brian has attended the tournament, but for the first time, he won't be wearing a Coventry jersey. World Snooker announced this year that fans are forbidden from wearing any branded sportswear at this year's tournament.

World Snooker told <em>Balls </em>that this is a policy aimed at showcasing the event and the sport as best as they can, and they have asked fans to dress smartly to help them do so.

Brian did arrive in a Coventry kit for the first day of the tournament, but after a discussion with tournament organisers, was persuaded to change into a blue shirt. World Snooker say that this discussion was "amicable".

Among those against the decision by World Snooker is one Ronnie O'Sullivan, who called the decision "quite laughable".

"You pay your money, you get your ticket, you should be allowed to wear whatever you want. It’s quite laughable when you read it really. At darts they seem to be walking about in Superman outfits".

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