'I Felt As If I Was Walking On A Bouncy Castle, My Balance Was All Over The Place'

'I Felt As If I Was Walking On A Bouncy Castle, My Balance Was All Over The Place'

Neil Robertson has revealed that he missed last week's Scottish Open due to a case of pulsatile tinnitus, a condition which causes a rhythmic thumping in both ears.

The world number four, who won the English Open in early November, was eliminated in the first round of the subsequent UK Championship.

"It has been a tough couple of weeks," said Robertson.

"I was building up for the defence of the UK Championship, then on the eve of it, this cropped up. Even if I had won my first match there I would have had to withdraw.

"For the next few days I felt as if I was walking on a bouncy castle, my balance was all over the place. They put me on steroids for a week and I had to pull out of the Scottish Open."


The 39-year-old Australian defeated Noppon Saengkham in the first round of the World Grand Prix on Tuesday.

"I still have a little bit of ringing in the ears in the morning, but nowhere near as bad as it was," he said.

"And the pulsing has stopped, with my heart racing a million beats a minute for no reason. Hopefully it stays the way it is now.

"For the past week I have been able to practise. I tried to gradually extend my practice time, bit by bit during the week. I was a still a bit dizzy until the last five or six days when I was back to normal. I’m happy to be in this event because it’s a fantastic tournament to be involved in."

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