Ronnie O'Sullivan Explains Why He Watches 'Only Fools And Horses' Before Playing

Ronnie O'Sullivan Explains Why He Watches 'Only Fools And Horses' Before Playing

Ronnie O'Sullivan has admitted that he likes to watch Only Fools and Horses instead of practicing before matches.

O'Sullivan who finally ended his seven year wait for his sixth World Championship on Sunday by defeating Kyren Wilson 18-8 at the Crucible said that watching shows before going out to play helps stop his mind from wandering in the build up.

Speaking about his pre-match plan, O'Sullivan said his fiance likens him to Rodney from the classic sitcom.

I've watched a bit of Del Boy and Rodney before my games rather than practising.

Laila says I'm like Rodney and my dad is like Del Boy. I kind of relate to that show a lot - Ronnie the plonker, rather than Rodney the plonker.

I watch a lot of good stuff - I watched Storage Wars - then I get a knock on the door and I go, 'Sweet, I can go and hit a few balls now, he said

Post Lockdown Ronnie

Speaking to Eurosport after the win O'Sullivan talked about how the lockdown had been good for his game and had allowed him to get his head straight and focus on the mental part of his game.

"Every match that I've come to play when I'm wearing my suit I've not gone on the practice table. I've got my phone out, I've got my Sky app on and and watched a bit of Only Fools and Horses, a bit of Storage Wars.


"Because that's the worst thing when you know you're waiting to play. So if I can make that part as enjoyable as possible, you don't need to practice  you've done years and years of it, "he said

"So I've found ways to get through the moments when the mind can wander, because I do have a very overactive brain," he added

O'Sullivan says that he's feeling fitter than he has been in a long time following the lockdown and is looking to play more overseas events in the future including China and Germany.

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