Watch: Mark Selby Wasn't Happy With O'Sullivan's Behaviour In Semi-Final Loss

Watch: Mark Selby Wasn't Happy With O'Sullivan's Behaviour In Semi-Final Loss

Snooker's popularity has seen a sharp decline in recent years, but a day like yesterday will go some way to restoring interest in the sport.

The Crucible may have been without fans, but it featured two of the most enthralling World Championship matches in memory. Both semi-finals would go to a deciding 33rd frame, with the first between Kyren Wilson and Anthony McGill ending in the most dramatic fashion.

The match between Ronnie O'Sullivan and Mark Selby was equally tense, with 'The Rocket' pulling off the comeback to secure a place in today's final.

However, he didn't exactly get on with his opponent.

Speaking to the BBC after the match, Mark Selby said that he was unhappy with the way O'Sullivan conducted himself throughout the contest.


During the match I felt it was a little bit disrespectful the way he played. Every time I put him in a snooker he just went down and hit the balls a hundred miles per hour and they could have went anywhere.

I don't know if he was just in that frame of mind, but I felt it was a little bit disrespectful to me at the table...

Not reckless, just disrespectful to me. Sometimes if you've got no shot you get down and just hit them as hard as you can and hope you fluke one. Every time I had him in a snooker he just seemed to do it...

I just think it's disrespectful to the game and disrespectful to me in that particular match...

I had a chance to go 14-9 up (in the previous session). Even then, the long red I played into the green pocket, I was just about to play and he put the cue next to the seat then stood up in his chair while I'm playing the shot instead of just sitting down right in my eye-line.

Obviously people don't do that. Whether he was trying to do mind games or not I don't know. Ronnie is Ronnie and he does those things.

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