Watch: Ronnie O'Sullivan Pulls Off Very Cheeky Snooker To Steal Frame

Watch: Ronnie O'Sullivan Pulls Off Very Cheeky Snooker To Steal Frame

A master at work. When it comes to snooker, there is nobody quite like Ronnie O'Sullivan. He can do things with a cue that nobody else could even think of, and is an absolute joy to watch when he is in full flow.

While he doesn't quite have the consistency or determination that some other players on the circuit do, he is almost unbeatable when he is at his best. He has seemingly fallen out of love with the game somewhat in recent times however, picking fights with snooker's governing body.

O'Sullivan is taking part in the World Championship in the Crucible at the moment, hoping to win his sixth title, and first since 2012. He faces amateur James Cahill in the opening round of the tournament today, with the Cahill hoping to cause the upset.

With the match tied at three frames each, Cahill looked set to take the lead. He was 28 points ahead with only 25 remaining on the table when O'Sullivan started his visit. A snooker seemed difficult too, considering the positions and number of balls on the table.

However, O'Sullivan would manage to pull it out of the bag.


Mesmerising stuff. Most players wouldn't even see that shot, but to pull it off with that level of accuracy is incredibly impressive.

Unfortunately for O'Sullivan, he would lose the next two frames to trail 5-4 at the end of the first session. If Cahill pulls this off, it would be one of the biggest shocks in the history of the World Championship.

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Gary Connaughton

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